How To Prioritize Growth in Your Wellness Business

When you first began your wellness business, your priorities were many and varied. You had to get the best location for your office, the right staff, and the proper marketing to get the word out. Now that your clients are established, your staff trained, and your wellness company humming along, what is the next step? Growth. But what does that look like?


5 Steps to Growing Your Wellness Business


Customer service




Building a business roadmap


What Do We Mean When We Say Customer Service?


Customer service goes beyond greeting customers and servicing their needs. When you’re looking to grow your wellness business, you want to be able to fulfill your customers’ needs and anticipate what their future wants and concerns might be. An excellent way to do this would be to ask for patient feedback. 


You can ask about future offerings to see if there is interest and to tailor them specifically to your clientele. This is also an excellent time to see if there have been any current or past issues that you should correct or focus on.


What is an Effective Way to Advertise Wellness Companies?


When mentioning advertising your wellness business, we are discussing a marketing plan. This can be email blasts to your current client base and likely future customers, as well as marketing mailers and internet and social media campaigns. All of these are more economical than costly tv and radio campaigns.


How Do You Network When You Own a Wellness Company?


You probably network every day and don’t even realize it. Make friends/relationships with other small businesses with similar values. Take part in events in your community, and remember to bring branded items (pens, mugs, keyrings, caps, totes, etc.) to hand out to individuals that attend. Host a fundraiser for a cause that speaks to you - you’ll help, and like-minded people will get to know your wellness business!


What Does Automation Mean With Wellness Business Growth?


Automation, regarding wellness company growth, is about freeing up the employees to do other tasks. What bogs down your employees today? 


Are they answering phones all day to make appointments? Perhaps invest in an online schedule application. Is your filing system out-of-date? Research new software that could update your system to free them up to do more time-effective tasks.


What is Building a Business Roadmap?


Building a business roadmap is like a treasure map, with “X” where the buried treasure (your successful business) lies. So, you take stock of where your wellness business is and draw up a plan to get it to “X.” With that in hand, you have a clear-cut idea of how to get there.


Once you’ve built the wellness company of your dreams, it is time to take stock of where you are and look to where you want to be. Then, prioritize the growth of your wellness business and reach for the stars! If you aren’t sure how to begin this process, hire a healthcare business coach trained in showing wellness companies the heights they can reach.


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