How Do You Create Loyalty in a Wellness Brand?


You’ve done the work, gotten the word out, and your customers have come in droves.
Now, how do you keep them and build a true community? It all comes down to knowing
your brand and ensuring your customers are your focus.

There are 5 Keys to Focus on to Create Loyalty:
1. Feedback
2. Communication
3. Building community
4. Clients’ successes
5. Creating a sense of culture

1. The Importance of Asking Customers for Feedback

Feedback is critical to a growing wellness business. How can you know your weaknesses if
you don’t ask the most important people - your clients? Of course, we all want to hear
glowing reports, but sometimes those aren’t what we need to hear.

The clients who have problems allow us to truly build loyalty. Customers who never have
an issue might not have the same loyalty as those customers who have had a problem
fixed. Failed strategies can be positive if you choose to learn from them!

2. Why You Should Communicate with Your Clients

Make sure your clients hear from you! Whether it’s via email, texts, direct mail, or social
media, let them know what is going on with your wellness business and with things linked
with your brand. Let them know you care about them beyond when they are in your office.

3. Making Clients Feel Part of a Community

You always want to make sure that your clients feel like you know them, so be sure to
refer to them by name whenever possible. Remember patients’ birthdays and any other
personal things that allow them to recognize that you care about them. You never want
them to think they are just a number and exchangeable for the next person that walks in
your door.

Let your clients know that when they are linked to your wellness business, they are part of
a larger community, part of something big. Personalized branded items can help with this,
and they also will help with marketing.


4. Why is it Important to Focus on Your Client’s Success?

Showcase the successes of all your clients! Make them feel unique to the community at
large. This will encourage everyone, not just because they feel good, but because they will
feel encouraged by what your other community members do. They will feel motivated and
excited to be a part of your brand. 

5. Create a Sense of Culture with Your Wellness Business Brand

What does your brand stand for? When people think of your brand, what does it mean in
the greater sense of things? Think of that so that when people come into your office, they
feel honored to be a part of something bigger, beyond your wellness business, and feel

Brand loyalty is how we build strong relationships in healthcare. Let your clients know
how important they are to you and that you care that they have taken the time to come
into your establishment. Having patients walk in the door is only the first step. Keeping
them for the long run is the heart of your wellness business.


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