How Can You Make Your Team More Efficient?

team building

You’ve done it. You’ve built the perfect team, and you have all the pieces in place for a
thriving wellness business. But how can you manage your team and all the players with
the most efficiency? There are several steps you can take to ensure you are utilizing your
employees fully.

When you maximize each employee’s potential, you’re utilizing the team’s genius zone,
Now is the time to levy the special skill sets your team brings to the table and assist your
employees in raising the bar. When you do this, you can make your office the top-level
wellness environment you know it can be.

5 Ways to Improve Employee Efficiency:
1. Communication
2. Connection
3. Technology
4. Workspace
5. Ownership

1. What is the most efficient way for a team to communicate? 

When it comes to work meetings, we often hear, “that could have been an email.” Make
sure that you aren’t calling your employees into meetings when you can easily share
information in written form. Rather than team meetings, team updates are a great way to
communicate with your employees. When you do have meetings, keep them streamlined
with agendas and send the agenda ahead so all members can come prepared and ready.

Utilizing project management software and things like group chats can improve
communication as your entire team can converse in one localized location. How you
communicate with your team greatly affects the efficiency of your wellness business.

2. How do you foster connection within your wellness team?

Have a system of recognition within your wellness business so employees feel
appreciated. The benefits of employee incentive programs are numerous. They improve
company loyalty, employee engagement, teamwork, morale, and motivation, while
reducing absenteeism.

When developing an incentive program, keep it simple and align the program with your
goal of improving efficiency so you can work smarter, not harder. Make sure to check in with your employees for feedback to make sure that it is not only meeting your goals but
resonates with them.

3. What technology makes a team more efficient? 

Using the right technology can make your wellness business a leader in the field. Allowing
patients to make online appointments, electronically sign in, and send electronic messages
– all these things allow your employees to manage more pertinent client issues. Your
employees will also enjoy being part of a wellness business that is consistently using the
latest technological tools.

4. What helps to make an efficient workspace?

There are several different factors to take into consideration when looking at workspaces.
Light, noise, and acoustic control all add up to affect each team member’s output. How are
your employees situated? Are their workspaces tidy, organized, and functional?

Studies show that natural light (windows) reduces eyestrain and headaches, benefiting
your employees. Noise, whether music or crosstalk, will affect your employees positively
or negatively. Complete silence isn’t always the benefit one might think it would be.

5. What does it mean for an employee to have ownership?

Taking ownership means taking responsibility for your work and being proactive in your
role in the wellness business. Why is this important, and how does it refer to efficiency? It
helps your employees be accountable and feel important in their roles. 

Ownership gives them freedom and lets them know that you trust them to do their job. It
discourages micromanagement, as everyone takes responsibility for their position. When
each employee is allowed to see their impact on the bottom line, they can be proud of
their role in the wellness business.

The same fantastic team can under-perform or over-perform, and it can all come down to
a few simple steps. Looking at your team’s workplace and communication is well worth the
time spent to reach the height of what your team can offer. Team efficiency benefits you,
your wellness business, and your clients.


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